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Welcome to the official site of ARMA Denton, the local study group for the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts representing Denton, Texas. The ARMA is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of historical fencing and the exploration and promotion of our Western martial heritage. We strive to revitalize a martial tradition whose methods and techniques have been preserved almost exclusively in written records, illustrations, iconography, and surviving artifacts. Our focus is on the interpretation and legitimate reconstruction of medieval and Renaissance combat systems as a modern discipline. Our program allows people to freely and seriously practice this subject without the concerns of staged fighting and sporting play, or the distractions of role-playing and fantasy.


This week, the study group had to brave a "real feel" temperature of 17º with 20 mph Texas winds for the chance to clash swords with one another. The weather felt so cold that it was joked they had earned a Polar Bear merit badge. The bitter air did, however, encourage the group to engage in less discussion and more action. During free play sparring, members Kenneth and Channing tested out a pair of long spears. A gallery of photos is included below.

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The ARMA endeavors to approximate historical fighting skills through a curriculum of reconstructed techniques, principles, and methods for using a variety of swords, spears, shields, staff weapons, daggers, and unarmed grappling and wrestling skills as taught in numerous surviving books and manuscripts.