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The 1st Annual Rocky Sprott Living History Weekend was held on 8 and 9 October 2021 at Powell Park in Wellington, Texas, a small town in the southeastern corner of the Texas panhandle. Hundreds of students ranging in age from kindergarten to high school arrived throughout the school day on Friday by the bus-load, some coming from as far away as Hollis, Oklahoma. Visitors moved through several encampments representing different historical periods such as late medieval and American Civil War.

Members of ARMA Denton drove several hours to join the Knyghtly Armes medieval encampment. Member Lonnie donned his full harness and demonstrated that a man-at-arms was fully able to run and fight while wearing plate armor. Members Thomas, Ian, and Joe gave spectators a brief introduction to the art of late medieval and early Renaissance swordplay.

Representing the Company of the Lynx Argent, Ryan and Caleb Hetchler, traveled all the way from Oklahoma City to take part in the knightly combat demonstration. Donny McKay of the Funky Buckler in Colleyville, Texas, instructed the students in the use of sword and buckler as depicted in the 14th-century manuscript I.33. A small gallery of photos taken at the event is included below.

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